Osadni (CZ)

osadni main

In 2007 we had co-operation with a local developer for our clients to invest on apartments in the center of Prague in the new residential complex Osadní. The Complex of 6 residential houses offers 338 apartments and accommodation units in the size between 1+kk and 6+1. The project was realized in 2007.

Arboreum (CZ)

Arboreum main

Residential project "Arboreum Residential Settlement", located in Beníškové Street, Prague 5, Košíře, near the former Šmukýřka mansion. This locality is characterized by its residential atmosphere and at the same time it has very good accessibility by car and public transport from Anděl metro station. 

Prague Marina (CZ)

marina main

Prague Marina - a unique apartment project originated at the place where the most important port of Prague was built 110 years ago. In five phases of the Holešovice harbor there will be a town in the town of about a thousand of above-standard flats, office and commercial spaces, restaurants and cafes. 

Vlkova (CZ)

Vlkova main

Developed in co-operation with a local Italian developer for our clients. 

Cimburkova (CZ)

Cimburkova 8

Developed in co-operation with a local Italian developer for our clients. The building is run as short term rentals to tourists and is managed by our sister company from 2007 to today

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